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Best measures to prevent theft "Lock'n Bolt"

Our security bolts prevent theft problems with outside equipment, construction machines, banisters, car tires, car number plates, etc. Once the bolt is tightened, it cannot be loosened without a specialized tool. If someone tries to loosen it, its head rotates but its body stays immobile.

We design, develop and manufacture various bolts according to our clients’needs. Custom-made bolts can be delivered quickly. You can order any amount, because we have no minimum order quantity. Please feel free to contact us.

[Orders product] Lock'n Bolt series <manual for Lock'n Bolt>
 Lock'n Bolt-F(Locking Bolt)
  ->Details page ->Various test results ->Shear test results
 Lock'n Bolt-S(Antitheft bolt, Antitheft lock bolt)
 Lock'n Bolt-B(Bolt for black box)
 Lock'n Bolt-N(Antitheft feature builtin bolt)
 Lock'n Bolt-NT(Antitheft nut)

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Lock'n Bolt Co., Ltd.

Product Information

Lock'n Bolt-S
  (Antitheft bolt, Antitheft locking bolt)[PATENTED]
Once the lock’n bolt S is tightened, it is impossible to loosen it without a specialized tool. This revolutionary bolt prevents recent theft problems of metal resources with construction machines, outside facilities, fence grating, banisters, etc.

When it is rotated in the tightening direction, the force is transmitted by screw thread.
However, when it is rotated in the loosening direction, the force is not transmitted due to inclined screw surface.

It can shorten the overall length by a fixed-mechanism built into the bolt.
(Fixed parts: Washer, Spring, Small round screw)
This feature can be applied to over M8.

Material: SS, SC, SUS, AL, Brass, Plastics
Lock'n Bolt-B(Bolt for black box)[PATPEND]
This bolt is utilized to lock up a secret internal structure of your products such as game machine, PC etc. in order to prevent disassembly. An ordinary tool cannot dismount the bolt, but our special tool provided with a serial number can do.
Lock'n Bolt-N(Antitheft feature builtin bolt)【PATPEND】
This bolt is suitable for the screw axis longer than usual.(Over 50mm)
This bolt shaft center to incorporate a mechanism, must be at least 8 mm diameter screws.
(Fixed parts: Washer, Spring, Small round screw)
Lock'n Bolt-NT(Antitheft nut)
Mounting is simple and does not require special tools.
It cannot be removed unless you use the special tool.
This is the nut to prevent theft.
Corresponds to the bolt of the size of over M8.
Lock'n Bolt-F(Strong locking bolt that don't need a nut)
->Details page
->Various test results
->Shear test results
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Lock'n Bolt Co., Ltd.

TEL: +81-45-321-2386 / FAX:+81-45-321-6626


E-Mail: locknbolt@lockn-bolt.co.jp
*Please contact us in Japanese.

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#Manual for Lock'n Bolt[PDF:74KB]

Lock'n Bolt-S, security bolt.

Lock'n Bols-N, antitheft feature builtin bolt.

Lock'n Bolt-NT, antitheft nut.

Company data



1-10-20 Sengen-cho, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0072 Japan
2-1-33 Hiranuma, Yokohama 220-0023 Japan






10 minutes walk from West Exit of Yokohama Station.
2 minutes walk from the station bridge Hiranuma Sotetsu line.


*Please contact us in Japanese.



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