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Lock'n Bolt Co., Ltd.

Strong locking bolt without any nut! Never Loosened under vibrating, moving or rotating circumstances! Simple structure prevents loose certainly and enables repeated use. "Lock'n Bolt"(PATENTED)

Bolt is used to secure the part there is a movement of rotation, such as location and vibration. Therefore, it is very easy to loose. This product, to prevent loosening reliably with a simple configuration, is the bolt of the new structure. Since a simple configuration, support many places, the use of repetition is possible. Can easily be exchanged with one that is already used.

"Lock'n Bolt"
Strong locking bolt that don't need a nut.

Yokohama Industrial Co., Ltd.(Related companies)

Lock'n Bolt Co., Ltd.

Main product/About us

Locking bolt "Lock'n Bolt-F"
The bolt has a through hole axially and a cone-shaped tip end.
The end part of the screw has two slits to expand the tip radially.
A cone-shaped piece is inserted into the tip end of the bolt and the piece is tightened from the head of the bolt by a cap bolt.
Consequently, the end part of the screw is expanded radially and the screw thread of the bolt cut into that of the piece, which prevents loose.
Elevator, Escalator, bridge, steel tower, construction such as an expressway, rail fastener, rail car wheel fastener, engine fastener in airplanes and ships, engine fastener in busses and trucks, construction machine, printing machine, playing machine such as a roller coaster, working machine, industrial robot, and others used under vibrating circumstances.
-Prevents loose without any nut
-Weighs lighter by removing a nut
-Enables locking on one side only
-Can be used repeatedly
-Can be fixed at the middle of the screw
-Locks firmly for a very long time
-Can be used for a through hole and a blind hole
-Has the same strength as a standard bolt
 (tensile strength, shear force and torque)
-Easily replaceable if it is a screwed bolt
Sample01 Sample02 Sample03
<Test data>
-> Vibration test, Tensile strength test, Torque test
-> Shear test
#How to order
Please tell us the size and shape and material.
TEL: +81-45-321-2386
FAX: +81-45-321-6626
*Please contact us in Japanese.

Minimum M5
Maximum M30
Hexagon bolt (Minimum size M5)
Hexagon socket head cap screw (Minimum size M5)
Hexagon socket head plate bolt (Minimum size M5)
Hexagon socket head set screw (Minimum size M5)
Pan head screw (Minimum size M3)
SS400, SOS304, SCM,
Coppe, Brass, Plastic
The cost varies with your order.
The estimate per order.

#Other series
  -> Lock'n Bolt-S(Security Bolt)
  -> Lock'n Bolt-B (Bolt for black box)
  -> Lock'n Bolt-N (Antitheft feature builtin bolt)
  -> Lock'n Bolt-NT (Antitheft nut)

#Manual for Locking Bolt[PDF:74KB]

[About us]

Location 1-10-12 Sengen-cho, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0072 Japan
TEL/FAX +81-45-321-2386/+81-45-321-6626
Company of pioneers of the future with technology, Lock'n Bolt Co., Ltd.
Founded as product development and sales department of Yokohama Industrial Co., Ltd.. Focus on the development of "Locking Bolt, Security Bolt and Nut, Bolt for black box".

[Business Overview]

Development of new products. Its manufacturing and sales. "Locking Bolt(PATENTED)" "Security Bolt(PATENTED)" "Bolt for black box(PATPEND)" "Assembly of electronic components" "Wire cut processing" "Laser welding"


April 2004, Establishment
June 2006, Project to promote new business activities
June 2008, Companies are evaluated high in Yokohama
September 2008, SBIR certified company in Yokohama(Security Bolt)
September 2009, Ditto
September 2010, Ditto

Lock'n Bolt-F-1, surface locking bolt.

Lock'n Bolt-F-2, back surface locking type for a long object.

Lock'n Bolt-F-3 and F-4, embedded type.

Company data



1-10-12 Sengen-cho, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0072 Japan
2-1-33 Hiranuma, Yokohama 220-0023 Japan






10 minutes walk from West Exit of Yokohama Station.
2 minutes walk from the station bridge Hiranuma Sotetsu line.


*Please contact us in Japanese.



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Lock'n Bolt-S-1, for license plate.

Lock'n Bolt-S-2, for construction machinery.

Lock'n Bolt-N

Lock'n Bolt-NT